Five ways to reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a defence mechanism initiated by the immune system in response to perceived threat such as a virus, dietary antigen or auto-immune disease[i]. The purpose of inflammation, is to initiate healing making inflammation crucial for recovery and repair, however while acute inflammation is protective, low-grade systemic inflammation that is chronic, has been identified as a causal factor of many chronic diseases, so here are five ways for you to implement to reduce inflammation from life-style perspective:

Green space (nature)

One of my favourite things to suggest for reversing an autoimmune condition, or just generally feeling better no matter what is going on is spending time in nature. Immersion in nature is associated with a more favourable inflammatory profile. Serum levels of IL-8 and TNF-α levels (markers of inflammation) were significantly decreased after 2 hours of exposure to a forest environment in stressed young adults compared to placebo[i]. This is hypothesised to be due in part to exposure to anti-inflammatory terpenes released from trees which block the inflammatory cascade[ii]. While not all of us have forests close by, visiting your local park, going bush walking, or even going to the beach (blue space – yep this is a thing!) will have a similar action. Aim to do this every day (yep! every day). This could be sitting in a park to eat your lunch, or a walk before or after work.


Saunas are enjoying a rise in popularity and are one of my favourite things to do. An inverse, dose–response relationship has been found between regular use of sauna and reduced levels of CRP, a marker of inflammation[iii]. Acute exposure to heat increases IL-6, triggering the release of IL-10, inhibiting several pro-inflammatory cytokines[iv].


Relationships that are characterised by connection & support are associated with lower levels of systemic inflammation compared to individuals who experience unsupportive, hostile relationships[v]. Higher levels of IL-6 & TNF-a were observed in couples experiencing sustained marital conflict[vi]. For this reason, I am a huge fan of connection and support. Who are your people? This could be friends, or a therapist.

Movement & stretching

Both exercise and stretching have been shown to assist with resolution of acute inflammation [vii][viii]. Aim for daily movement for optimal benefits. This could be a hike outside or a stretching/dancing/yoga video online.


Dietary patterns that emphasise a whole food diet such as the Mediterranean diet are associated with lower levels of inflammatory cytokines, CRP and TNF-α[ix]. Key components include seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs & spices, anti-inflammatory fats such as EVO[x] as well as omega-3 rich fish. 

Try to implement one of these techniques at a night, and once you’ve nailed one, move onto the next!

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