Quick Tip: How to improve your gut microbiome

Here’s one quick tip to improve your gut microbiome … drink green tea! Green tea has been drunk for centuries and is revered in Chinese medicine.

Green tea functions as a pre-biotic (i.e. it acts fuel for beneficial bacteria in the large intestine) due to its ability to  increase Bifidobacterium species of bacteria. 

Ten volunteers who did not usually consume green tea, drank it for 10 days and then stopped drinking it for 7 days. Their stool samples were collected at three time points: before beginning the 10-day green-tea regime, at the conclusion of that 10 days, and 7 days after stopping the regime. 

The researchers observed that although there were inter-individual differences in the Bifidobacterium species, an overall tendency for the proportion of bifidobacteria to increase in the participants occurred due to green tea consumption.

A cost effective, tasty, antioxidant packed way in which to improve your gut and overall health! If you don’t want to drink it, add some matcha powder to a smoothie bowl!


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