High prolactin + your thyroid

Studies show that women with hypothyroidism can often experience elevated levels of the hormone prolactin. When the brain senses there isn’t enough thyroid hormone in the body, it stimulates a feedback system whereby the brain tells the thyroid to release more hormones. Thyroid releasing hormone (TRH) stimulates the release the of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) […]

Eyelash + eyebrow loss and your thyroid

Where have my eyebrows gone? Madrosis is the term used to describe loss of eyebrow and eyelash hair & comes from the Greek word “Mados” which means to fall off. There are a number of different conditions implicated in the pathogenesis of madrosis, with thyroid dysfunction, my favourite topic, being a primary driver. How is […]

Can my thyroid affect my cholesterol levels?

Yes, your thyroid function can influence what your cholesterol levels are doing… In fact, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the American Thyroid Association recommend screening for hypothyroidism in patients with newly diagnosed with high cholesterol or high triglycerides prior to starting a lipid-lowering agent e.g. a statin,  however only about 50% of individuals […]

My top five nutrients for a healthy thyroid

I often get asked which nutrients are best to help support healthy thyroid function so I have compiled a list of the most common ones I use in my clinic. As always, this list is not exhaustive and the individual person always needs to be taken into account. Selenium The nutrient selenium is crucial for […]

Do I need to go gluten free if I have an auto-immune thyroid disorder?

If you have an auto-immune thyroid disorder you have a much higher risk of getting other auto-immune conditions particularly celiac disease, so yes, a gluten free diet is recommended. Researchers have found that patients with Grave’s disease were at a 5-fold added risk of developing celiac disease when compared to sex- and age-matched control while […]

The role of thyroid hormones in mood

Anxiety? Depression? Angry? Sad? The relationship between thyroid function and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression has long been recognised with research revealing that both too much and too little thyroid hormones can cause mood abnormalities. In Australia, 1 in 2 people will experience a mental health disorder, and given the strong correlation between […]

Stress really does influence how your thyroid functions!

The relationship between stress and thyroid dysfunction is something that fascinates me as I know my thyroid function was always worst after periods of stress. Whilst stressful situations are something we all have to encounter on a day-to-day basis, I have noticed that thyroid patients appear to be less equipped to deal with these stressors. […]

Yay, I got my period…

Yay, I got my period….. said no woman ever…. unless they have PCOS      🙂 So what is the relationship between PCOS + Hashimotos Disease? Studies show us that here is a high prevalence of Hashimotos thyroiditis in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome aka PCOS. While much of the research focuses on an imbalance […]

Three tips for managing thyroid nodules

Thyroid nodules describe the growth of abnormal cells on the thyroid gland(i). By aged 60 thyroid nodules may be seen in up to 50% of the population suggesting that increasing age, perhaps as a result of increased oxidative stress and inflammation appears to be risk factor for their presence. Balance hormones Thyroid nodules display gender […]

Thyroid and pregnancy: what you need to know

During pregnancy, a number of changes occur in the mother’s thyroid function. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCg), a glycoprotein produced by the placenta has a stimulating action on the mother’s thyroid gland leading to increased thyroid hormone production (T3 & T4) as well as partial suppression of TSH, putting mum into more of a temporary hyperthyroid […]